19 March 2011

Space 1999 - Message From Moonbase Alpha

Those of you of a certain age (perhaps I should say vintage) will remember the science fiction TV show Space 1999 – the adventures of a group of people blasted out of earth’s orbit on Moonbase Alpha due to a massive nuclear explosion.  The show ran for two series and became, like Star Trek, more popular after its demise than during its original run.

One of my favorite characters was that of Sandra Benes, who was played by Zienia Merton.  She was a kind of barometer for what was happening and spent a deal of her time sobbing and screaming and looking generally bewildered but I thought that she was rather pretty!

Which brings us to this, essentially, fan made video.  Message from Moonbase Alpha was originally shown at a convention in Los Angeles – remarkably enough on the very day that the fictional moon was to break away from the earth’s orbit – 13 September 1999.

So, yes, it is quite old but when I came across it on YouTube I just had to share it.  It is a wonderful coda for a TV series that abruptly ended at the end of its second season.  Surprisingly, for what is ostensibly a fan made film, the short seven minute talking head features none other than Zienia Merton herself.  Not only that, it was written by Johnny Byrne, the original script writer for the show.

If you remember the TV series, go get a handkerchief.  You may need it. No, you will need it.