13 March 2011

Kuriositas is One!

Kuriositas is one year old today!  365 days ago I tremblingly pressed the publish button for the first time and the original Kuriositas post went live.  It’s been – to say the least – an interesting year for the blog and one that has exceeded all my expectations.  Without a doubt, Kuriositas remains a smallish blog tucked away and in a dusty corner of the internet.  However, I had not thought that it would be half as successful as it has become.

I would like to take this opportunity to thanks all the readers who have come to Kuriositas – and have returned.  When I started it my intention was to post stuff that I liked as a form of escape from the sort of online writing I had been doing before.  The target I set myself in terms of visitors reflected my doubts.  I was a little worried that Kuriositas might be a little too eclectic to gain an audience that would come back for more. Fortunately, there seem to be plenty of people out there who can cope with the mix and match nature of the site – so thanks for coming back!

Here’s to the next year.  Thank you so much for all your support!

Image Credit Theresa Thompson