13 March 2011

A Pawful of Dollars

I was thinking only the other day that Quentin Tarantino had been rather quiet on the movie making front recently.  I needn’t have worried, as here is his latest production in its entirety.  OK, it isn’t by Mr Tarantino but it is reminiscent in a way, being full, as it is, of violence, criminality and bad language.

Sure, the action is conducted by a trio of stuffed toys and the bad language is uttered in their own unique language but that just makes A Pawful of Dollars even more irresistible.   Created by Martin Törnros and a team of animators I had to say I chuckled my way throughout.  There are more than a few movie references in this three minute wonder that you will recognize without being a movie buf and it is all done with an incredible and infectious sense of fun.