Plot Device

17 July 2011

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When you make movies there are certain plot devices which can be employed to pull an audience in to the story.  Sometimes, however, it is difficult to come up with something, especially a plot device which has not been used a million times before.

Here, a young filmmaker acquires a mystifying device that lets loose the full power of cinema on his front lawn. You get spaceships, zombies, film noir and more as our hero gets to live through these plot devices for real.  It's all very funny.

This wonderfully inventive nine minute short film is directed by Seth Worley, and it gives the tired and worn plot devices a cunning new twist.

Executive produced by Red Giant’s Aharon Rabinowitz, the movie was co-written by Aharon and Worly, working collectively in close collaboration throughout the venture.  

Plot Device was created to demonstrate firsthand the high quality of work that can be created when using Magic Bullet Suite 11, even with very restricted resources.

I think they made their point.

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