12 April 2021

Is Your Math as Good as a Teenager's? Try this Quiz to Find Out!

Do you remember that math exam you did just before you left school or is it too shrouded in the mists of time (or trauma) to be recalled? 

How would you get on with it today? We’re going to give you the opportunity to find out, but we’ll only give you ten questions worth a mark each – there were 80 marks available for this exam when it was put in front of our teenagers just four years ago. So you just got lucky. 

Plus, we’re giving you only the questions that appeared originally as multiple choice. Yup, you get the warmup questions! 

Spare a thought for the young people who had to do this exam. The other questions were not multiple choice and had to be done without the aid of a calculator. Not only that, the exam these questions are taken from was the first of three that had to be done to achieve the qualification. 

This field of pain is known in the UK as GCSE Maths (the GCSE stands for General Certificate of Secondary Education) which is done in Year 11 – when the students are 16. It’s also available to adults but teenagers who didn’t pass it the first time have to do it again and again until they do (or don’t) up to the point that they leave education. So, the above being fair warning, are you sure you want to do this? 

After you press submit, you may have to scroll back up a little! 
As ever, rest assured that this quiz will not ask for or “harvest” any of your own personal data – so it is entirely risk free. The only “data” that is logged is how many people have done the quiz and how many answers they got right. It was created using Google Forms so when you finish answering, you will need to click “Submit” to see how many you got right.