9 August 2016

Silicon; BootDrive

Silicon;BootDrive has so many ideas going on at once that it can be a little difficult to keep up but that is just part of this roller coaster ride of a science fiction short.

It tells the story of what happens to us a few years from now when a strange meteorite hits the seas. A simple premise but executed with a marvelous complexity.

Directed by A.T., Silicon;BootDrive is VFX heavy and they are a delight to behold.  The questions raised by the movie are more than can be answered in just a few short minutes but that adds to the enigmatic nature of the plot.

Although the script may have done a little better with a first language English speaker at hand to iron out a few linguistic glitches that’s just a small grumble.

I thoroughly enjoyed Silicon;BootDrive as it chose to treat me as an adult in the terms of content and ideas yet still thoroughly entertained me with enough blood, gore and human to creature transformations to last me a good few hours…