9 August 2016


The courting rituals of many species can be fascinating but none more so than that of our own, particularly when give such a marvelously Gallic treatment.  This animated short is almost impossibly romantic in a very French way. Little wonder then that it was created at the superlative Ecole Supérieure Des Métiers Artistiques de Montpellier (ESMA).  This fine institution produces such amazing undergraduate work that we regularly feature it on the pages of Kuriositas. Intermission (Entracte in French) is a lovely piece where we get to share the intimate first moments between a couple as the hypnosis of love sets in.

The students involved in the production are Valentin Dely, Damien Garrigue, Laury Guintrand, Valentine Hemery and Clélia Magurno.  The music, which can make or break such an adventurous student project, is great too – and is by Anthony Touzalin, Olivier Defradat and Clément Osmont.