6 August 2016

Inseparable – Starring Benedict Cumberbatch

What would you do if you were told you were dying?  What decisions would you take? For Joe a young professional with a wife and a child the news triggers a meeting with his drifter brother Charlie.  Once they were inseparable but they paths have taken very distinct paths.  Now that Joe’s days are limited what route will the brothers decide upon for the one that is left behind?

The star of the piece is Benedict Cumberbatch, a young British actor you may have seen in the BBC series Sherlock or more recently as Khan Noonien Singh in Star Trek: Into Darkness. Don't worry if you haven't. I am sure we will be seeing lots more of this talented young actor. Ahem.

A short film about identity, family and starting again, Inseparable was directed by Nick White and written by Matthew James Wilkinson.  It was produced by Area 17, a London based film and video production company. Although Benedict Cumberbatch takes up most of the screen time (one way or another) special mention must be given to Nathalie Press.  She may only appear at the beginning and the end of the short film but hers is a virtuoso performance of understated personal agony.