4 May 2024

May the Forced Perspective Be With You

Forced perspective photography can be great fun.  The technique uses optical illusion to make something appear larger, smaller, further away or closer than it really is.  If you have seen only one example then it will probably have been someone making it appear as it they are pushing or holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa (or perhaps the Eiffel Tower, which always comes a close second). So here are twenty examples of forced perspective to give you some amusement before you go back to what you should really be doing (studying, working or shopping but perhaps you could just grab your camera and try a few of these out).

Image Credit bark
There are numerous naughty examples of forced perspective, but this is the cheekiest you'll get here today.

Image Credit stuant63

Image Credit Koocbur
Image Credit marcio
Image Credit rickyrodz
Image Credit tjblackwell
Image Credit Alex Schwab
Image Credit Goldilock Photgraphy
Image Credit Nick Gourlie
Image Credit whelleson
Image Credit tom hentoff
Image Credit kenzie Saunders
Image Credit gareth christopher
Image Credit mrlerone
Image Credit bombartz
Image Credit b eckstein
Image Credit postcards from you
Image Credit whelleson

OK, we couldn't resist it.  Let's hop over to Italy for one final picture.  You have to say, at least, that the picture below is a little different!

Image Credit nickay311

First Image Credit inhisgrace