6 May 2024


This is dedicated to any of you out there who have had a similar experience to our porcine friend featured here – Ormie. Sometimes something takes your fancy but try as you might you just can’t get to the object of your desire!

Here, Ormie the pig spots a wonderful jar of cookies on top of the refrigerator and sets his heart on devouring those gorgeous biscuity treats!  However, the path to satisfaction is not always an easy one… as this hilarious animated short follows Ormie's increasingly frustrating and frustrated attempts to get hold of the cookies of his heart's desire!

This animated short film had festival audiences laughing and cheering since its introduction on the circuit. Ormie garnered itself 8 Festival Awards including Best Short Film (Savannah FF 2010, Palm Springs International Shorts Fest 2010, Sprockets 2010, Seattle International Film Festival 2010) and the Audience Award (New York International Children's Film Festival 2011). Ormie is created and directed by Rob Silvestri and produced by Graham Moloy of Arc Productions.