16 October 2021

The Biology of Risk Taking: Why Do Teenage Boys Put Themselves in Danger?

If you have ever wondered why teenage boys act so, well, stupidly, then this should give you an insight.  Created by Stefane Lefort for an exhibition about risk in La Cité des Sciences et de l'industrie de Paris, it follows young Maxine who is enjoying a day out at the pool but wants to impress some girls. Should he leap off the top of the diving platform or retreat back to his friends, tail between his legs?

The biological processes around risk are set in motion, starting in his brain.  Will the fight or flight impulse kick in and advise on discretion being the better part of valor or will Maxine jump? As he is a teenager you can guess what happens but this is a fascinating insight in to how, in so many ways, as a teenager he just can’t help himself.