11 January 2015

Watch What Happens When a Four-Year-Old Tries Siri

Sometimes Siri just doesn’t understand… especially if you are four years old.  Over the last few years artist Tyler Jordan and his partner have been in hysterics over what the intelligent personal assistant and knowledge navigator has made of their son Hazen’s requests for information.

Hazen's requests are exactly what you might expect a four year old to ask (Star Wars, Lego and so on) but, bless her, most of the time Siri just doesn’t get it!  Yet Hazen doesn't give up - he tries numerous requests much to Siri's bewilderment.

It's perhaps a good job that Hazen didn't ask Siri to look up himself because she might just confuse his name with hazing and that would simply open up another can of worms altogether... Moral of the story, anyone?  Yes, exactly, but this is great fun anyway.