23 August 2014

Survive: New Zombie Short Film

Jon Chu’s production company offers second unit directors (who were stunt Coordinators) the opportunity to direct their own short films which matches story and action.  However, there is a catch: they are only allowed one day to prepare and a second to shoot their short.  That’s quite a tall order by any standards – and these are high.

This is Ben Bray’s project – and it is extremely good indeed.  Survive features three people on the run from a new breed of zombie (including one whose sheer height will make you wince).  Holed up in a cabin, one of them inadvertently draws the zombie horde to their hideout.  As you might expect from what is effectively a showcase for Bray’s talents both as a storyteller but as a stunt coordinator, the action starts right away and doesn’t stop.

 The project managed to attract a great cast, too.  Harry Shum Jr (from Glee) and Caity Lotz (from Arrow).   Having seen another short with Shum – the excellent 3 Minutes (watch it here on Kuriositas) I can’t help but think that he would make a pretty good go at an action lead given the opportunity.