10 August 2014

Free Local Childcare in the UK Arrives at Last

This time of year school is out and many parents who hadn't contemplated becoming bald until later in their lives have pulled out most of their hair.  If only childcare were a little less expensive.  Well, if you are a parent living in the UK then look no further - free childcare has arrived at last in the form of the self-service child minder unit.  In London at least there is now a cheap childcare option which won’t break the bank.  As you can see from the picture, it is made affordable by the incredibly low overheads – no expensive activities to stump up for either, just pop your child in to the daycare facility and off you pop!

OK, it’s a wheelie bin but I am fairly sure a number of parents might consider this an option, given the fact we’re almost a month in to the summer holiday! This is the latest work by artists collective Id-Iom, whose by-line is dropping the bomb with absolute aplomb.  With many more examples of their work available on their Flickr photostream, this is art for those who want to smile when they see it.