12 August 2014

Robin Williams – Take a Look Back at his Career through Movie and Interview Clips

Robin Williams died yesterday and many people are in shock at his apparent suicide.  How can a man who has brought so much joy and laughter to millions of people take his own life through depression? The reactions seems to be a combination of shock and, almost, guilt – that none of us who have had our own lives brightened by his onscreen presence could help him when it came to his hour of true need.

No doubt the newspapers will be full of the reasons why Robin Williams took his own life and so we will leave that to them.  Let’s remember him through some of his memorable screen moments – not to mention the very amusing interviews he would always give when promoting his movies.

His career was far from over.  Below is a slightly risqué clip from his 2009 tour which presciently was named Weapons of Self-Destruction.