23 July 2014

Godzilla Gets Legless in Tokyo

Something monstrous is stirring in the heart of Tokyo.  Godzilla!  However, you don’t have to worry too much about the future of this great Asian metropolis.  Even if this very cool twenty five foot replica of the movie monster were to spring to life, he wouldn’t get very far.  Someone forgot to give him legs.

Not that it detracts from the general awesomeness of this temporary installation (well, OK, it does a bit) which celebrates both Godzilla’s sixtieth birthday and also the release of the new(ish) Godzilla movie in Japan (a bit tardy…).

It still took the best part of a day to get the monster positioned in the park.

As much as I would like to, I will resist the temptation to crack a joke or two about rampaging nuclear-age monsters getting legless – I think the title of the post is best as the first and last attempt at humor for today. Godzilla will be in Tokyo Midtown until the end of August.

First Image Credit Hector Garcia