24 October 2022

The Elaborate End of Robert Ebb

Robert has a dull security job but while doing his rounds one evening he comes across a monster costume.  He decides on a prank but it is one which spectacularly backfires as the locals, fired up by recent news reports of a sea monster, form a hunting party (the type you see in all those Frankenstein movies) and hunt him down.  You just have to love an angry mob in this sort of movie!

Written and directed by Clement Bolla, Fx Goby and Matthieu Landour, this is created with more than a little love for the horror genre it gently usurps.  The hapless Robert is played (with increasing frustration) by Paul Hassal and although you may have to suspend your disbelief a little more than usual, that's not a big ask when a short film is as enjoyable as this one. It’s also very funny with a surprise ending which I only saw half coming…