9 October 2022

Al Dente

Taking place in a colorful and musical universe, Al Dente is a short film which tells us the story of a little street girl discovering the magic and the dangers of an ogre's kitchen.  It isn’t quite as harmless as it sounds – I am pretty sure that some of the imagery used in this animated short would have given me nightmares (up to the age of, oh, about 25) so do watch this first before you decide to show it to any small people in your household!

After all, Al Dente as a term describes when something is cooked so that it is firm but not hard, something that still offers resistance to the bite but is nevertheless cooked through - and that is how the ogre likes to eat the children he has captured!

Al Dente was created by Mael Francois, Carlos Felipe Leon and Jean-Francois Barthelemy for their graduation project at Supinfocom (yes, I should just change the name of Kuriositas to Animation at Supinfocom, I know).. Music is by Matthieu Alvado.