9 October 2022

Monster Date

Those crazy kids over at the Vancouver Film School are the modern day equivalents of Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney.  The big difference, though, is that instead of putting on a show, these guys create a very funny and hugely enjoyable video for Halloween.  This has absolutely nothing to do with their degree work, it was just something that they felt like doing.  And what an awesome job they make of it!

The concept is quite simple and straightforward (which is why perhaps it makes this such blissful viewing).  Harkening back to the video dating fad of the 1980s this piece features a series of lonely hearted monsters in search of the special one.  Most varieties of monsters are represented, from vampires to zombies and there is even an appearance by a genie.  There are quite a number of great one liners, but for me, the genie has just about the best line - " I'm not looking for a girl who's just interested in rubbing my lamp".

The monsters here are fairly reminiscent - in terms of makeup and character - to the types we used to see in Buffy - and the whole thing is produced with wit and panache.  If this is what the students at the VFS make in their spare time, one can only wonder what amazing films they come up with for their degree projects.

Is this a tribute or a pastiche?  Who can really tell and to be frank, who cares?  It is great stuff, especially coming up to Halloween.  The fun doesn't stop there either.  The makers are inviting responses over at their YouTube channel. If you have the desire, you can create your own response (you have to be in full fancy dress) and submit it there.