15 December 2012

One Night in Stockholm

If you are a fan of the vintage cool vibe which movies like Charade, Pink Panther and Ocean’s Eleven (the original of course) possess in spades then the chances are you will enjoy Brian Parker’s One Night in Stockholm.  It is a dark romantic comedy telling the story of four people – the type you and I might think of as unsavoury but who nevertheless has a somewhat glamorous allure – either despite or because of their criminality.

Simmons wants to give in to his desires, while Roxy wants her assassination business to be successful – and stay successful.  Ella would like her profession, killing people, to be meaningful again. Then there is perhaps the most dangerous of this cool quartet, Jack. Jack just wants Ella. The movie was made as part of the Whitestone Motion Pictures Protege Program.

The film stars Mark Ashworth, Quynh Thi Le (above), Caroline Granger and Jim Chandler. If you are a regular reader of Kuriositas then you will have seen Jim Chandler in a short movie set during the American Civil War we recently featured, In The Grey.