5 December 2012

Jungle Brawl – Episode 2

Blue Chimp is back! We’ve waited a while for the second installment of Lee Daniels' web series Jungle Brawl and now it’s here I can tell you that the wait was worth it (as far as waiting is ever worth anything, of course, if you are as impatient as I am). This episode is called ‘Kit’ and that pretty much sums up the immense amount of technology that the The Hunter has brought along with him in his next attempt to capture his simian nemesis.

Yet even with all the kit, can he outwit the wily blue chimp? You will have to watch to find out but we are promised more episodes in the future so….

Lee created everything you see, completing every production task himself so this is quite an achievement. He used Adobe CS5 Master Collection
After Effects, Premiere, Illustrator, Photoshop, Element 3D, Soundbooth and Apple Garageband to create Jungle Brawl Episode 2. If you didn’t see episode 1 then a) where have you been? And b) click the link to watch it!