1 December 2012

In the Grey - Short Film

Can anyone ever say with any certainty that, in a given situation, they would be able to take the life of another? If your own life, or those of others, was in danger – could you kill another human being? Fortunately most of us have never been in a situation where we would have to answer that question but the young Confederate soldier at the center of In the Grey, faces just such a decision.

Directed by Justin Peter and produced by Dillan Forsey, In the Grey focuses on a single imagined circumstance in the American Civil War. The makers could truthfully have set this during any conflict in our human history, whether modern or antique, and still the same question would have to be answered in its seven short minutes. The great power is this story is that it transcends history and is one of the human condition rather than a particular time and place.

In the Grey stars Tony Anobile as Adler and Jim E. Chandler as Walt. If Chandler seems familiar it may be because you saw him in Abraham Lincoln vs Zombies from The Asylum.