22 December 2012

Apocalypse – A Happy Ending

Now that all that Mayan malarkey has passed and civilization remains as intact as it was beforehand perhaps it is time to consider what apocalypse really does mean. In the original Greek, ἀποκάλυψις is the lifting of a veil – a revelation. Zombies and meteors and the like didn’t come in to the equation for many centuries.

So, in terms of something revelatory, this animated short by Sara puts forward a somewhat different version of the apocalypse than we are perhaps used to. Maybe, just maybe it could be that the true apocalypse is the dawn of a new age of enlightenment – thanks in part to the internet. Take this with a large dose of optimism and forget for a minute or two about the obstacles in the way, but it is good to see apocalypse treated in a utopian rather than dystopian manner for once!