13 February 2012


There are some jobs in which you can have a bad day, shrug your shoulders and return the next day hoping for something a little better.  Other jobs don’t have that luxury, including the one featured in this marvelous animated short, Clearance.

You might have guessed by the accompanying picture that it isn’t anything to do with a sale in your favorite store.  This features a group of secret agents - the kind that put the o-oh in to double0.  They might be from UNCLE, if early onset was something that a covert organist could collectively develop.  One little error and their whole world just falls apart! Thanks to Lee Daniels, a London based animator, illustrator and designer for this (almost) homage to the world of testosterone driven espionage.  You almost expect Judy Dench’s M to pop up at the end to say something completely disparaging! Enjoy!