22 February 2012

The Big Egg Hunt - Featuring Vicky Scott's Egghog!

You may remember that a year or so ago we featured the artist Vicky Scott (above) and her wonderful artwork. There’s a reminder on the left: click on the picture to see the interview and examples of Vicky’s wonderful work.

Well, you just can’t take your eyes off these artists for a second! Vicky has been involved with an upcoming event in London which promises to be great fun! As Easter is coming it is more than appropriate that the project is all to do with eggs. They may not be chocolate but they are, nevertheless, quite special.

The project is known as the Big Egg Hunt –and you may well have guessed by the name what it entails. A number of artists and celebrities, including Vicky, have been invited to create 209 eggs which will then be cunningly hidden all over central London from 21 February to 3 April. This huge hunt (hopefully the largest stalking of Easter Eggs the world has ever seen) has been organized by the Elephant Family and Action for Children.

Vicky’s design is called Egghog (love it!) and, like the event, pretty much does what it says on the label, as you can see from the pictures! Once the hunt is done the eggs will be auctioned for charity. You can get lots more information from the Big Egg Hunt website – and of course, you do not have to be resident in London to make a bid for the egg of your choice!