Mysterious Alien Organism Loves Synthpop!

7 May 2011

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This will make you look twice – almost guaranteed! Artist David Durlach of Technofrolics was recently featured at the Somerville Open Studios in Somerville Massachusetts. His work was entitled Dancing Magnetics and as you can see it pretty much does what it says on the label!

These dancing trees are made up of magnets – sixty four in total which are covered in iron dust.  These magnets are under the influence of sixteen computer controlled electromagnets.  In turn these are synchronized to a musical selection – in this case Bronski Beat’s Smalltown Boy which is going back a decade or two to say the least.

The result is the strange and almost hypnotic movement that you can see in the video above as the iron dust acts in response to the changes in the magnetic field.  Very cool, I hope you agree!

Look, you fools, you're in danger! Can't you see?! They're after you! They're after all of us! Our wives, our children, everyone! THEY'RE HERE, ALREADY! YOU'RE NEXT!

(No prize but kudos if you can guess the film quote above!)

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