10 June 2018

Would You Like to Write for Kuriositas?

We are looking for a number of writers who wish to improve their online portfolio by publishing on a well-established site with a good reputation for featuring high quality articles on a number of arts, science and travel-related subjects.

If that sounds like you, then we would like to hear from you.  

What can you write about?  We would like to broaden our remit by including reviews – film, television, theater, books – you name it, we will consider it.  If you wish to write about somewhere interesting and unusual, that also ticks the right box.  Science stuff? This is also the right site.  Our sphere of interest and activity is broad – anything that you think curious minds would enjoy.

All we ask is that your work is original and anything that is published on Kuriositas will not be published anywhere else online.  Obviously, too, the standard of your written English must be high – we will not have the time to proof and edit anything that comes our way.  Finally it must not be, in any way, shape or form an advertisement for you, your products, services or those of others.  So, for example if you do a theater review we would not link to the theater’s site – and so on.  We’ve been doing this internet writing malarkey for a while now, so we’ll spot you a mile off if a link is all you want!

What do you get in return? No money, we’re afraid.  However, you do get the kudos of seeing your work published on a high quality website which will broaden the range of your online portfolio.  We will give you full credit for your writing at the top of the post with your name linked to your own site if you have one (and maybe even a small picture of you if you would like). We can also include contact details if you so choose (maybe at the end of the article).

So, what are you waiting for? Write telling us why you would like to write for Kuriositas, including an example of your work to taliesyn30@aol.com (what can we say, we’re old school) and let’s start a conversation.

Best regards


What we are not looking for
As mentioned above, we are not seeking attention from those whose sole aim is to publish articles with a link to either their business site or one owned by others.  As this effectively is marketing, please make your way here instead.  We do accept advertising posts but with some conditions attached.