18 February 2018

Man and Woman Sculpture Reunites Lost Lovers Daily

Sculptor Tamara Kvesitadze (who is also an architect and a painter) created Man and Woman to remember a pair of star-crossed lovers that many of us have not hear of.  It was installed in the seaside town of Batumi in Georgia to represent Ali and Nino from the 1937 novel by Azerbaijani writer Kurban Said.

In the novel the two are separated not only by nationality and religion but by the First World War and the Russian Revolution.  Yet Kvesitadze has ensured that the two meet each day with her creation of this monumental 8 meter tall steel sculpture.  Each day at 7pm the two separate sculptures move closer together, as if preparing for a kiss…

…and then they merge, one passing through the other until they are once more separate.  Although the sculpture was originally called Man and Woman most people now call it Ali and Nino.  It’s simply mesmerizing.  To find out whether the fictional Ali and Nino were reunited you will have to read the novel but to have their love commemorated in this particular way, you may have already guessed what becomes of them!