5 July 2015

Online Services and Communication

Online services are used every time someone accesses the internet.  Whether it’s simply email or more contemporary facilities like instant messaging these are all services provided by one company or another. As already indicated, often these online services are used to communicate with other people – from a simple text to sharing documents to collaborative working. 

In my other life I teach IT to 16-18 year olds and shortly I will begin to deliver the BTEC Level 2 in Information Creative Technology.  One of the units I will be responsible for is The Online World which is exam-based.  The video I have created above is the first step in to that unit – a look at the services the internet offers.  It gets a bit more complicated than the information above, believe me! However, I do hope that this will prove a comfortable start to the unit for my students!

Of course, I had to share this with Kuriositas readers too!  Enjoy!