16 July 2015

Drunk Squirrel Goes Nuts, Wrecks Pub: Exclusive Pictures of the Culprit

Down in sleepy Worcestershire (England) a squirrel managed to create several hundreds of pounds worth of damage when it managed to get in to the Honeybourne Railway Club after hours – after getting more than a little tipsy on the alcohol behind the bar.  Typically the internet has gone in to meltdown over this bewhiskered brute, this bushy blackguard – or in more vernacular English, this rat-arsed rodent.

What the fook you looking at? Hic.
However, we at Kuriositas have managed to track down the furry felon and thanks to our friends at id-iom, snap a picture (top) of the unrepentant vandal, the lanate libertine that he so undoubtedly is.  The squirrel community, of course, is up in arms, washing its hands of the piliferous pillager.  Yet Aloysius (for that, reader, is his name) can’t see what all the fuss is about.  “I can’t see what all the fuss is about,” he admitted to our reporter. “The world’s gone bananas if a squirrel can’t have a bit of fun. See what I did there? Now pass us the extra strong lager, will you, love?”

...and with that he was off. Kinda.
"Let me just have a lie down here for a second.  I'll be alright in a bit...."