2 March 2014

Soundtracks to My Life: Tell the Story of Your Special Songs

It gives me great pleasure to introduce a new sibling site for Kuriositas. Soundtracks to My Life aims to enable people to tell the story of songs or albums which have had an impact on their lives. Above you can see the official video for the site, clumsily but lovingly put together by me.

I am a great fan of watching old episodes of music shows, not to mention trawling my back catalog of CDs (if you can remember them!) and sometimes a song comes on which makes my heart race. It takes me back to a particular moment or person in my life and all those memories come flooding back.

Yet I only get to share that story with the person next to me – or no one at all if I happen to be on my own at the time.

What I hope that Soundtracks to My Life will do is encourage people to share their stories with the rest of the world and use the site as a repository for them. They could be stories which end ‘happily ever after’ or those which are profoundly sad.

We already have a small but excellent selection of contributions from people all over the world. Ultimately, I would like the site to develop in to a huge archive of memories which people can access and read – while at the same time watching and listening to the songs.

So, do you have a particular song (or album even) which engenders specific and powerful memories and emotions? Can you share that story with the site’s readers?

Click here to visit the site and (I hope!) make a contribution!

Any and all stories are welcome!  Best regards