1 July 2010

A Magnificent Town and Its Flying Machines

Crayford, in South-East London, at the turn of the 20th Century was home to Hiram Maxim, who laid claim to the first heavier than air flight, some years prior to the Wright Brothers. He went on to develop a bi-plane with Vickers at their Crayford factory.

Vickers later developed the Vimy, which was the first aeroplane to successfully cross the Atlantic non-stop. The pilot was Capt. John Alcock and the navigator was Arthur Whitton-Brown.

The film tells the various stages of these stories, using archive photographs, documents and memorabilia. The story of the flight was designed animated by school children from Crayford.

The film was made by animation workshop leader Tom Hillenbrand, who worked with with primary school children from St. Paulinus, St.Joseph's, Barnes Cray & a drop-in workshop at Crayford library. It was commissioned by Bexley Archives.