20 July 2010

Doctor Who Vs Westboro Baptist Church

OK, so you are forgiven if you said a naughty word (the F at the end of WTF) when you saw the title of this post, but it was something that we could not resist posting up at Kuriositas.  This was taken last weekend when the Westboro Baptist Church who are not Christians of the cuddly sort (they throw Romans to the lions) turned up at the Fielder Road Baptist Church in Arlington, Texas to spread their hatred message around a little more.

The local folk decided on a demonstration against their presence (ah, the sweet smell of grass roots democracy) and people arrived from all over the Dallas Fort Worth area to resist the message of the WBC with good humor which to be honest may have gone a little over their heads.  To be honest, if you don't get the joke it would take too long to explain.  However, if you do need to know then pop over to the Bad Wolf website and find out.  Be off with ya then!

Oh but before you go, the same young lady had a placard which might mean more to an American audience as it were.  We think offers of marriage will be flying her way from all quarters of the globe really soon.  Another nerd heroine is born!