2 June 2010


Sometimes the most evil things can come in uber cute, sweet, blue little winged packages. So it is in this wonderfully wicked and funny animation from Idefagskolen, a media, design and communication College in Norway.

Don’t worry, though, if you do not speak Norwegian, this animation is wordless, unless you count the maniacal cackle of the sweet little birdy and/or the screams of his victim!

The Idefagskolen obviously teaches its students well. With Numnuts they have pulled of a simple but very difficult trick. That may sound like a sentence long oxymoron, but what I mean is that they have made actions that we would ordinarily shrink from very funny and the malevolent mini protagonist of the story remains cute till the end. It is reminiscent of the wicked things that the Road Runner used to inflict on Wile E Coyote – without losing the sympathy of the audience!

Oh - and watch this all the way until after the credits.  There is something of an M. Night Shyamalan moment for you there!

This really made me laugh out loud and if you speak Norwegian, my forthcoming attempt to congratulate the Idefagskolen students will too. Someone correct it, please?

Bra gjort! Denne er en interessant og morsom film. Jeg håper det det mange folk pass på.