17 April 2010


Over at the brilliant Darwin Today website they have created a wonderful game to see if you can survive the slings and arrows that being a plant can throw at you.  The game takes no longer than ten minutes (but once we had played it once, we had to play it several times again, believe us!) and is a lot of ever so lightly nerdy fun (which we like).

Your task is to be the plant and to decide what you grow - leaves, roots, flowers and so on.  You are given a six month time scale in order to go from seed to mature plant and the object of the game is to pass on your genes to another generation.  That may sound easy but nature pits you against all sorts of obstacles, not least other plants growing around you determined to get the goodness from the soil and the light from the sun for themselves - to your detriment!

Here at Kurioistas our team of seed makers did not get  very far - in fact we have been pronounced extinct on each and every attempt.  Looks like the gene pool stops here!

This is a simple but thoroughly engaging game - to play it, click here.