5 April 2024

200 Hours in Morocco - Watch this Video if You are Thinking of Visiting Morocco

This is a short but wonderful video about a visit to the beautiful country of Morocco. If you planning to visit Morocco, I would highly recommend a watch of this short and snappy overview of what the country can offer young adult visitors who are more interested in broadening horizons than partying till dawn!

As well as a whistle-stop tour of the country and its sights, sounds and food it also focuses on the profound impact that travel can have on a person.  The old saying “travel broadens the mind” is so true, but one thing that the video creator, Omro, points out too is about the sense of self (and one’s place in the world) that travel can also generate.  I think it’s something that many young people realise as they step into the world and discover it for themselves (that is, without the guidance of parents) and it can do nothing but good.

The video takes in a number of cities in Morocco, including Asilah, Larache, Marrakesh and Casablanca. More than an in-depth look at the country, the video serves as something of an appetiser – a taste of what Morocco has to offer which (as well as the glorious weather) includes culture (past and present), music and great hospitality. Oh and the food; this glimpse of the place shows some very, very tasty looking meals.  I think the Morocco tourist board should use this as one of their official  videos. It certainly made me want to pack my bags and head there.

Of course, being a (slightly) older traveller than Omro, I would probably do one of two things. I would either stay in one or two cities, instead of darting about or – and this is the temptation – make a longer stay of it in order to replicate Omro’s adventures there but at a more genteel pace! 

Of course, this video is intended to reflect the travel plans of a younger generation and it’s great to see that Omro and his cousin are interested in country discovery more than party recovery!  And so, with that truly terrible play on words, I will leave you to enjoy this terrific snapshot of Morocco.