8 March 2024

Star Trek: Discovering the TV Series - New Book

How well acquainted are you with Star Trek? A few years ago, Tom Salinsky, a lifelong science fiction enthusiast, podcaster, and author, recognized that his knowledge of the franchise was lacking. Not anymore...

While there are undoubtedly many other sci-fi enthusiasts who share this sentiment, Tom's commitment was unparalleled - he decided to write a book. He embarked on a rigorous two-year mission to watch every episode from the inception of The Original Series to the conclusion of Enterprise, committing to viewing one episode per day without fail, regardless of circumstances.  That's slightly bonkers but it appears to have worked.

After some meticulous planning, Tom calculated that by following the transmission order and treating feature-length episodes later split into two for syndication as one, along with considering each movie as one episode, he would commence on New Year’s Day 2022 and conclude with the final episode of Enterprise on Christmas Day 2023. This ambitious endeavor encompassed a total of 723 episodes, each accompanied by Tom's succinct review.

The resulting book - Star Trek: Discovering the TV Series chronicles the initial phase of this journey, encompassing the 79 television episodes of The Original Series, the animated series revival of the 1970s, the first six original movies, and the entire run of The Next Generation. Additionally, the book features insights from prominent fans, authors, actors, and broadcasters, offering their perspectives on beloved episodes.

Beyond celebrating the series' achievements, acknowledging its missteps, and appreciating its boldness, Star Trek: Discovering the TV Series provides intriguing behind-the-scenes anecdotes. It also offers a comprehensive overview of the groundbreaking series, unveiling familiar elements at unexpected junctures.

Readers are invited to ponder trivia questions such as the first mention of the Federation, the establishment of Kirk's era in the 23rd century, and the abandonment of money in the future. Moreover, the book sheds light on surprising revelations, like the earliest appearance of a Holodeck in the 1974 episode "The Practical Joker" from the animated series.

Whether you're a devoted aficionado or a casual viewer, this book offers an immersive experience, accompanying Tom on his daily expedition through the highs and lows of one of the most iconic and cherished series in the universe.  The book is available here.