15 October 2023

Structure Quiz for GCSE English Language (Paper 1 Question 3)

This quiz is based on a concise 386-word tale titled "The Unbroken Bond." It comprises 19 multiple-choice queries and 3 sequencing tasks. An additional task awaits those who complete it promptly. I initially crafted this resource in response to the scarcity of high-quality instructional materials that delve beyond terminology when it comes to understanding structure. I believe this quiz encourages thoughtful responses in an exam-style situation.

It is suitable for students working towards the AQA exams.  You can download it from my TES shop.

It's also suited for a substitute lesson, saving you from extensive marking, provided that you have the time to give the answers after the quiz is completed (students can self-assess or exchange papers with peers). I recommend starting by reading the story aloud to ensure that all learners have read it, preventing any attempts to rely on chance when answering questions, which can sometimes happen.

The story maintains a very PG rating, centred around a dog in search of its missing "boy", who is eventually found having spent the day at school. It aligns with the June 2023 P1Q5 (Paper 1 Question 5), "Write a story about a human encountering an animal," (or words to that effecr) and can also serve as an exemplar for that question.

An inclusive answer booklet accompanies the quiz, complete with explanations, enabling the teacher (substitute or usual!) to address student queries about why certain answers are correct.

The sequencing questions require students to arrange their responses in the PEE format, with the point and evidence presented in the initial sentence, while the two explanatory sentences can be arranged in different orders, as the final point employs a connecting phrase to indicate the conclusion is in progress.

While this quiz is relatively low-stakes, it encompasses a wealth of subject-specific terminology that can be discussed when presenting the answers. The goal is to solidify this terminology and expose students to how they can incorporate it into their attempts at P1Q3.

The text is also provided separately (optional), catering to students who prefer not to switch back and forth. The documents are available in both PDF and Word formats.

Should you prefer an online version, this quiz is easily adaptable. Questions and answers can be promptly copied and pasted into MS Forms or a Moodle platform, with the answer booklet's explanations enabling automated online feedback.

Enjoy the quiz!