12 December 2022

I Spent $50 on TikTok SHOP & Here's What I Got!

Some of you are aware that Kuriositas is not my “day job”. That would be teaching Information and Creative Technology to 16-18 year olds at Lewisham College in South East London. I always enjoy seeing what my students come up with in their spare time – after all, I hope that one of them will become a content creating multi-millionaire and buy me that little flat in Barcelona I have coveted for so long…

One of this year’s crop of students is Omar, who has created his own YouTube channel called Omro. It is a young channel with less than two hundred subscribers (as of today) but Omar has set himself a target of getting 400,000 subscribers by June 2023. How he came up with that specific target I don’t know. I suppose I should have asked but I didn’t. It probably seemed like a nice round number and there you are.

Omro’s videos are eclectic but come down to a young questioning mind asking those questions that the rest of us wish we had, like how dumb is WikiHow? Combine this with trying new things like making a pineapple pizza or cutting your own hair and you have the essence of the channel, at least as it is at the moment - daft! No doubt it will develop further over time but what is great is seeing a developing talent take the plunge online. Nice one, Omar – I mean Omro!

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