21 May 2021

10 Reasons to Complete a Masters in Leadership

Enrolling in a postgraduate degree like a masters in leadership is a big commitment that requires time, money, and hard work. Earning a masters in leadership is not quick or easy, but it can lead to attractive rewards such as higher earning potential, job security, and career advancement. 

Completing a postgraduate degree can be a fantastic way to grow professionally and unlock top-level positions in your industry. That said, you must weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of postgraduate study and make sure that it's the right decision for you. If you're considering a postgraduate qualification, then here are ten reasons to complete a masters in leadership:

1. Develop strong leadership skills 

Most students choose to enroll in a masters in leadership because they want to develop the skills and attributes to become strong managers. A masters in leadership will teach you a diverse range of leadership skills such as change management, team building, effective communication, innovation, and strategic thinking. You must develop these skills if you hope to become a future leader or advance in your career.

Having leadership skills is important in any career, and a masters in leadership will benefit most job roles and industries. Employers will expect you to possess leadership qualities if you hope to advance in the company and move up the career ladder. The skills and knowledge that you learn on a masters in leadership can also be transferred to your personal life and improve your day-to-day functions. For instance, learning how to communicate effectively and resolve conflicts can help you build stronger relationships with your loved ones. 

2. Earn an internationally recognized degree

A masters in leadership degree is internationally recognized and highly regarded by organizations all around the world. This means that the qualification can be used in countries across the globe, not just the United States. A masters in leadership will open up exciting employment opportunities worldwide and help you stand out from your peers and impress prospective employers. 

Many graduates with a masters in leadership look for employment opportunities abroad. The qualification will allow you to travel and experience new cultures. You will also have access to a wider range of career opportunities outside of your home market. Building international experience will enhance your resume and broaden your skills and expertise. According to globalexperiences.com, "64 percent of employers said international experience in a candidate extremely desirable." Gaining international experience can benefit your career and help you secure leadership roles. 

3. Unlock top-level positions 

Graduates with a masters in leadership are in high demand across all industries and sectors. Earning the qualification will give you a competitive advantage and help you unlock top-level positions. You will be in a much stronger position when senior roles or promotions become available, and you should find it easier to advance in your company. 

A postgraduate degree will open up new doors in your career and help you achieve your goals and aspirations. Here are some top-level positions that are available to graduates with a masters in leadership:

  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO) - A CEO is the highest-ranking executive of a company or organization. They are responsible for making important decisions relating to the business and its operations and resources. A CEO plays a vital role in driving growth and profits within a company and achieving strategic business goals. 
  • Human Resources (HR) Manager - A HR manager oversees the HR team and ensures that it is functioning efficiently. HR managers are responsible for all aspects of recruitment and must take care of a company's employees to maintain high productivity and staff morale. They act as the link between staff and management. 
  • Corporate Trainer - Corporate trainers visit different companies and provide staff with training and education on various business topics. They may show employees how to use a new piece of technology that is being implemented in the workplace, for example. Corporate trainers are in high demand, and they often work as private contractors.  
  • Sales Manager - Sales professionals are responsible for driving sales revenue within a business. A sales manager oversees the sales team and creates strategies to boost engagement and meet specific sales targets. Skilled sales professionals are sought-after in all industries, particularly those who have leadership skills. 

A masters in leadership will equip you with a diverse range of skills that can be applied to many different job roles. The qualification will prepare you to become a manager in any sector, unlike an MBA (master of business administration) that focuses on business leadership. Some other roles that you could secure with a masters in leadership are business director, community relations manager, project manager, director of operations, and many more. 

4. Enjoy high job satisfaction 

Most graduates with a masters in leadership report higher job satisfaction and engagement. This is likely to be because professionals with a postgraduate qualification typically advance in their careers faster and secure top-level positions. Higher salaries, better working conditions, and additional responsibilities in the workplace all lead to improved job satisfaction and happiness. 

Work has a significant impact on your health and overall quality of life. One study by Ohio University found that "low job satisfaction in your 20s and 30s can lead to sleep problems, anxiety, and depression in later life." Earning a postgraduate qualification like a masters in leadership can be a great way to develop professionally and improve your career outlook and overall job satisfaction. 

5. Improve your annual salary 

Many graduates with a masters in leadership transition into senior roles, and this leads to an increase in salary. For example, Chief Executives earn an average annual salary of $197,840 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), and HR Managers can expect to earn just over $120,000. Leadership roles offer attractive pay that is much higher than the average seen across all other occupations. 

Increasing your annual salary can enhance your quality of life and give you additional financial security and freedom. You will have more disposable income to save each money and will find it easier to pay off debt and improve your financial position. Many leadership roles also offer additional job perks such as private healthcare insurance, generous vacation allowances, and annuals performance-based bonuses. 

6. Study for a master's online 

Many people cannot commit to attending a campus-based course due to work or family commitments. Fortunately, many education providers offer online master's programs. Earning your masters in leadership online will give you the freedom to choose your study schedule and fit learning around your responsibilities and commitments. You can also learn at your chosen pace and study without the pressure of a strict study schedule and fixed teaching sessions. Great Value College state that "an online master's degree is more affordable than their traditional counterpart." You can expect tuition fees to be lower and you won't have added expenses such as commuting costs and relocation fees. Opting for an online course could save you tens of thousands of dollars on your postgraduate education.

Enrolling in an online master's program is ideal for working professionals or students with families to look after. Distance learning will allow you to work while you earn your postgraduate qualification and make it easier to balance your studies with your family life. There are dozens of advantages to studying for a master's degree online, but distance learning also has some drawbacks. You must be self-motivated, organized, and committed to achieving your postgraduate qualification. 

Top 5 study tips for distance learning 

If you think that an online masters in leadership is the best option for you, then here are five study tips for distance learning success:

  1. Create a productive study space that is comfortable and distraction-free. 
  2. Follow a consistent learning schedule and practice good time management. 
  3. Leverage your network to connect with your peers and instructors online. 
  4. Experiment with different learning styles to find what works best. 
  5. Plan regular study breaks and avoid "cramming." 
  6. Launch a profitable startup 

Completing a masters in leadership degree can be a great option if you dream of launching a startup and running your own company. Business owners must have strong leadership skills and be able to motivate and inspire a team. Poor management is likely to lead to low engagement and high staff turnover, making it impossible to grow a profitable business. Every entrepreneur should focus on building their leadership skills and knowledge before they consider hiring a team. 

Starting a business is hard work, and you will need to make a significant personal investment, both in terms of time and money. You must plan your business venture well and create clear strategies to achieve your strategic goals and objectives. A master's degree will build leadership qualities and prepare you for the demands of managing a team and running a business. Many entrepreneurs enroll in a higher qualification like a master's in leadership as a stepping stone to launching a business. Paying for a higher degree is not cheap, but it should be a worthwhile investment that leads to long-term career benefits. Having a postgraduate qualification can also boost the reputation of your new business and make your brand appear more credible and authoritative. 

8. Build your professional network

A master's in leadership is the perfect place to build your professional network and connect with leaders in your industry. Networking can be a great way to make new connections and open doors to future career opportunities. Top master's programs attract industry leaders and skilled professionals from all around the world. Take advantage of your network and get involved with networking events offered through your master's program. 

9. Save money on tuition fees 

A master's in leadership is generally cheaper than other popular postgraduate qualifications like an MBA. The cost of earning an MBA in the US is around $60,000, according to graduateshotline.com. A master's in leadership usually costs around half the price of an MBA, making it a much more affordable option. 

The amount that you spend on a master's qualification will be influenced by things like the reputation of the school, the method of study, and the program that you choose. Research tuition fees and shop around to find the best prices before you commit to a course. You can also lower the cost of your tuition fees by applying for financial support like scholarships and grant schemes. Some employers may also be prepared to pay for a postgraduate qualification if you can demonstrate how it will benefit your role and organization. You should always explore what financial aid is available to support your education. 

10. Earn your masters faster

Another advantage of studying for a masters in leadership is that you can usually earn the degree faster than other postgraduate qualifications like an MBA. For example, most MBA programs require two years of full-time study, whereas a masters in leadership can be completed in around 18 months. 

Many online courses also offer accelerated programs where you can earn your master's degree in less than 18 months. A masters in leadership will allow you to earn your postgraduate degree in the quickest time possible and start advancing in your career. This makes it a popular degree with professionals who want to accelerate their careers but don't want to dedicate several years to their education. 

Final thoughts 

Enrolling in a higher degree like a masters in leadership is a huge decision that shouldn't be made on a whim. Earning a postgraduate qualification will enhance your skills and give you a competitive edge in your industry. However, you will need to work hard and be prepared to invest time and money to achieve your master's degree. 

Graduates with a masters in leadership typically enjoy higher salaries, excellent job security, and a fantastic career outlook. Another great benefit of a masters in leadership is that it is highly transferable and can benefit a wide variety of roles and industries. This makes the qualification a worthwhile investment for anyone interested in a career involving leadership.