13 August 2022

Skull Rock: Is this the Best Super Villain Lair Ever?

Are you a super villain looking for a new lair? Then look no further. Take a look at Skull Rock, also known as Cleft Island. Situated off the coast of Wilsons Promontory in the state of Victoria it is at the southernmost point of the Australian mainland. It is beautiful, unspoiled and above all, peaceful.  From a distance you may not think it is anything to write home about – and that’s the beauty of it.  Your new hi-tech facility, where you can evolve your next fiendish plan without interruption, is hidden in plain sight. Plus it’s handy for the shops.

Agents of the various enemy states against which you plot may search for you but it will be in vain. The last place they will think of looking is this unremarkable and bare piece of rock protruding from the sea.  Yet if we examine the island a little closer, you will soon see that the place is quite possibly perfect for an irredeemable scoundrel such as yourself.

Image Credit Flickr User JMC03
As intrepid but foolhardy tourists have discovered, if you boat out to the island and begin to circumnavigate it, then the its secret is revealed.  Yet the handful who make it round the corner have never lived to tell the tale thanks to the piranhabots we have recently had installed.

Image Credit Flickr User JMC03
As you can see the island is, in fact, hollow and this affords the perfect bolt hole for any beleaguered anti-hero or stressed out super villain.  Inside there is plenty of space both for your new domicile (shark pool or alligator pit come as extra) plus, with a little work, your precious cache of RT-2UTTKh Topol-M intercontinental ballistic missiles you stole from those idiot Russians last year.

Image Credit Flickr User JMC30
Image Credit Flickr User JMC30
For adversaries who dare approach the island itself there is also room for an ultra-modern short and medium range defense system (perhaps based on the Israeli Iron Dome model because let’s face it, shoulder-firing missiles are so last year).  Not only that, Skull Island will easily accommodate your private army of assassins and mercenaries while they rest up between jobs.

Image Credit Flickr User JMC03
Interest is extremely high and we have already had exciting offers from Auric Goldfinger  Junior and the estate of the late and much missed Ernst Stavro Blofeld. If you are wondering about the price then it is probably not for you, but let us assure you of one thing. It’s a steal. So, what are you waiting for? Call 1-555-NEW-LAIR now.

First Image Credit Flickr User Matt Francey

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