Mobile: Multi Award-Winning Animated Short you will Love

22 July 2017

I think the moral of this particular animated short could be love will find a way or, at the risk of getting all Shakespearean on you, Love's Labour's Won.

Originally, I thought that I had stumbled upon a new Pixar short when I first started watching it, such is its quality, but soon realised that it was created by a group of students at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg.  It was written and directed by the very gifted Verena Fels, aided and abetted by a host of young talent (please go to the Facebook page for full credits).

The strapline for the short is at the edge of society, a cow tips the balance of destiny with quite some impact... and as you watch you will see just how true this is.  This is one of those rare animated films that three year olds will enjoy but grown-ups will adore.  Technically highly accomplished and with very clever action (it must have taken a math degree to figure out the weights and balances!), this animated short has a beating heart full of joie de vivre. Needless to say Mobile has won a raft of awards at film festivals across the world.

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