24 September 2016

The Highway of Florida and All the Beauty Within

The Florida Keys is a series of islands, which runs way back to Cuba. Spectacular bridge road also called as Florida overseas highway connects all islands. In fact, it is so majestic that in 1991 it won the prestigious assessment from All American Road Association.

Florida Highway is undoubtedly a legendary route in one of the most interesting and beautiful places in the country.

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At the beginning of a road – divers’ dream

Key Largo is one of the world's most recognized diving sites. Cozy coastline and colorful reef full of fishes are perfect for snorkeling, and those who want to dive deeper here can rent a boat. In 2002, a marine fleet exhibit called Spiegel Grove was purposely sunk in Key Largo, so divers can now explore it underwater too.
Underwater statue of Christ in the abyss is also attention worthy. While Jule's Undersea Lodge - underwater hotel located here as well can be a perfect place to start your road trip.

Islamorada: a charming village of six islands
Throughout the year Islamorada is waiting for all professional and amateur angling fans. For those who can resist this hobby, there is a whole string of restaurants located in the village, where you can enjoy delicious and fresh seafood dishes.

Another attraction - great History of Diving Museum, which exotic exhibits dates back to the seventeenth century. If you decide to take a rest and relax, dip your feet in the crystal-clear waters of Anna beach and get ready for further adventures waiting for you on the road.

Marathon: a monument for a hard work
Historical sources say that the west part of railway branch, which became a highway, was one of the most difficult to construct for engineers who built it. The job was usually referred as a real marathon, due to its length and strong stamina needed to do it right. And that gave the name of this range.

Just half an hour's drive away from Islamorada achieved Marathon is the best place for breathtaking photos. From here a beautiful seven-mile bridge and azure water duet open up, and it is unquestionably worth taking pictures of it. Moreover, in Marathon, you can find a sea crayfish clinic, where patients have names and don't get bothered by touching. Nearby you can say “hi” to dolphins and sea lions too.

West Point - the dose of history and the inspiration for Hemingway
In 1928-1939 West Point was a home and a workplace for Ernest Hemingway. His house now is turned into a museum featuring all of the writer's furniture brought from Paris. It is worth mentioning that the West Point was also a winter residence of President Harry Truman and writer Tennessee Williams who was catching his muses here as well.

While in Casa Marina resort, you can see the World War II relics and pictures, immortalized the island which back in time was only reachable by trains and ships.

It took some time to make a railway line built in 1912 to become a more impressive motorway. During many years here settlements were created, ships were sinking, recession reigned, the government was changing, and communication got improved. But to traveling throughout this famous highway is not only enjoying the artists painted landscapes and discovering objects that are annually visited by 3 million curious visitors. It is also a place to get inspired and maybe even find the meaning of life.