12 September 2016

Barcelona’s Abidal Takes a Shot for Beko

If you have always wanted to be a footballer but know that the Champions’ League is probably never going to beckon then I am not sure that this video is going to make you feel much better on that score.  However, if you, like me, love to see a smart shot at the goal I expect you’re going to like this – and the goal isn’t quite what you expect either.

In fact, it’s tiny.  The goal mouth is the tub of the new Beko Washing Machine.  To celebrate their partnership with FC Barcelona (not to mention FC Barcelona’s branded product range at IFA 2016) Eric Abidal was asked to do something a little outside of his usual remit – and that was to take a shot directly in to the washing machine.

If you are a fan of Abidal’s then you will know he has overcome a number of challenges in his life – but will the one involving a Beko washing machine be the one which will prove to be too much for him?

To see whether the defender took to it like a proverbial duck to water, then you had better watch the video above.  Abidal also goes head to head with the general public and a number of football freestylers at the BEKO IFA stand.