12 May 2016

Curious Facts about Dating Sites

In the digital era dating online is quite commonplace. To put it mildly, many people can’t imagine how to make new acquaintances and potential partners in their real life. Indeed, free dating is convenient and gives us many opportunities that are not available in reality. For example, you can choose a person to suit your interests and hobbies. You can set an age interval you are OK with. Before deciding which person to date, it is possible to communicate with several candidates at the same time to realize which of them your match is.

Having become a normal practice online dating is still a social phenomenon with its laws and regularities. It would be curious to use a new broader angle on online dating. Keep on reading about interesting facts you have never guessed. Some of them are terrified, others are fun. Altogether they will help to enlarge your scope and better understand the role of online dating and its influence on our lives.
  • It is believed that women tend to hide their age by all means. However, as researches made by Statistics Brain, in a US virtual space these are men who reveal their true age hoping to attract more pursuers. Moreover, they are not honest about their income and even height.
  • Though, if they had known that older men were more popular with women than younger men, they would not have exaggerated their age. In the online dating space older men inspire trust, stability and maturity. Men from 20 to 30 years are rarely sought as a potential partner for long-lasting relationship followed by future marriage. The tendency with the women’s age is quite opposite.
  • Younger women are more successful in fining their love via online dating site than the older women. By this reason they as in a real life lie about their age. Besides, they are reluctant to reveal real weight and physical build. The reason why they do this is obvious. Women’s look is usually the first thing men focus on.
  • Nevertheless, the irony is that attractive women have a bunch more winks and stares then women of an ordinary look, but average men as a rule do not dare to ask them out. They prefer the average women to go on a date with.
  • Unfortunately, the virtual dating world as well as the real one is not lacking of dangers. Approximately 10% offenders manage to disguise themselves as single people looking for a match. 10% profiles are of scammers trying to humbug money from single people. This information is another reminder of necessity for caution.
  • Not only men and women benefit from online dating. It is a hide business. Chargeable services these sites offer produce great returns. $1 billion USD per year sounds impressive. And this business is not going to suffer from the world crisis and still attract more and more people cherishing the hope to rebuild their personal life.