25 May 2016

3 Interesting Facts about Swimsuits

There are plenty of interesting facts about swimsuits that would leave you flabbergasted – check out our top three below:

  1. Did you know that thongs are illegal in Melbourne, Florida? Wearing one there will get you a fine of $500 or 60 days in prison! Also, while this small piece of clothing may have been popularized mostly by Brazilians in the 1970s, it’s actually believed to have been invented 75,000 years ago as a primitive protection for male genitals.
  2. The first chest-revealing suit for men dubbed the Topper, which appeared in 1932, had a detachable top that could be zipped away from its trunk bottom. Unfortunately, if a man chose to do so, he could be arrested for indecent exposure! 
  3. Back in 1921, American swimwear manufacturer Jantzen changed the name “bathing suit” to “swimming suit” to justify their much more revealing swimsuits as a form of athleticism.

Nowadays swimsuits are commonly accepted and be it JCPenney or Neiman Marcus, you can get them practically everywhere in a variety of styles that won't shock anymore!