14 November 2021

A Strange Young Man: A Short Film about Autism

Erdem is the strange young man of this short film’s title.  Or, at least that’s how the rest of the world sees him.  Erdem himself lives in a world which amuses, perplexes but regularly frightens him.

Yet he navigates this bewildering array of sights and sounds with the help of his intimate knowledge of Hollywood movies (and see if you can get all the references!). 

We follow him through the course of his daily journey to class at the Autism Orientation Center.  Unsurprisingly, this film won both first place and the Audience Favorite Award at the Cinema Touching Disability Film Festival 2014 in Austin, Texas. It is in Turkish with English subtitles but please, please don’t let that put you off watching this remarkable short film directed by the very talented Emre Sert and Gözde Yetişkin.