27 March 2015

Know Your Art? Then Try Our Horribly Difficult 20 Question "Who Painted This?" Quiz!

Do you know your Dali from your Dürer, your Goya from your Gauguin? Then try these 20 multiple choice questions.  You will take a back and forth whistle-stop tour through almost a thousand years of art history.  Yet which painters were responsible for the 20 masterpieces you are about to see?

Don’t worry if you don’t get all 20 – you won’t necessarily see the most famous work by each artist in this quiz. However, why not pass this on to your friends by sharing it? Watching them get a miniscule score will inevitably make you feel better.  Have fun with the schadenfreude!

If the answer you choose goes GREEN, then you got it right.  If it goes RED then you got it wrong.  You will also see how many others chose the different answers (in terms of a percentage).

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If you want to check out the answers as a single list, click here.