19 February 2015

Spelling Rules for the Zombie Apocalypse

In my other life I am a college lecturer, teaching 16-19 year olds, many of whom do not have English as their first language.  In order to help them engage with the language I try to make the (potential) tedium of learning a little more visually stimulating (at least when I have the time!).  This is one such attempt.  A large number of my students are currently obsessed with The Walking Dead so I thought I would attempt something along similar lines but with a little learning thrown in for good measure (other than that which we learn from the show itself).

Spelling rules for the zombie apocalypse
? Yes, I know – good spelling is the last thing one would probably consider during this sort of extinction level event (the nonsense of it appealed to me).  I suspect that I had more fun making it than my students will have working through it!

As frequent readers of Kuriositas will know, I love animation but my own skills are somewhat lacking, so please forgive the amateur nature of the video above!