7 September 2013


A friend of mine once put lyncanthropy down on his return to work form as the reason for his period off sick.  He got away with (much to general mirth and merriment among his colleagues) it but it is an affliction (albeit fictional) which must be both terrible and exhilarating at the same time.  I think this animated short, Wolf, captures the change, and its endless repetitive cycle, really well here with the horror and the joy both expressed in momentary glimpses.  It’s a great addition to the werewolf canon.

Wolf (entitled Úlfur from the Icelandic) is a project by Héctor Zafra and Santi Amézqueta of Ciervo Alto, a Barcelona based animation studio. It is the result of 3 people who met in the animation school and decided to create their own company – this is their first animated venture together.